Saturday, August 15, 2009

Friday Jamz

The Friday Jamz random 11 where the fuck is my calculator? Photo Credits go to Lamb Chops akaErick Hendricks-Lambert----------this random ten--- ok I attended Albrook so I can't count er mean 11 is

Hope-Booze Monkey

Not What You Say-Steve Kilbey

Move Along-Chris Isaak

Fuck You Tough Guy-TSOL

Fling Poo At The Zoo-Dr. Sparkles

Forget To Remember-Second Dan

Echoes-Dave Gilmour Live Gdansk

Spinning Car-The Prisoner Soundtrack file #3

El Kitapena-Manu Chao

Тебе Нема- Катя Chilly

Take This Bottle-Faith No More
BUT Graduated with Honors from Fond Du Lac So Fuck U Rednecks
bonus... Listening to Bele Phoneix "Glorious Dead" one of the best fucking albums ever recorded

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