Thursday, December 27, 2007

Friday Jamz

The Last Friday Jamz of 2007 is upon us and this week I bring you not only the usual countdown but also the top albums of 2007 that made my list.......................

Drugs In My Pocket-The Monks
Fall Down Katya lel
16 Days-Devil Doll
Box-Izzy Stradlin
Crack Hitler-Faith No More Live Hamburg 93
Sibere fleuve amour-Manu Chao
Heart Full Of Soul-Chris Isaak Live Berkeley 99
LA Medley-Janes Addiction
Wanna Need to Love Ya-The Billy Martini Show
I Need You-Dave Gahan Live Paris 03
Diamonds Are Forever-Shirley Bassey

Good Bye-Katya Lel
Mythmaker-Skinny Puppy
Magic-Bruce Springsteen
Dreams Of Glory-Stone Coyotes
Voila-Belinda Carlisle
Roger Waters Live NY 5/30/2007
Addiction- Isa & The Filthy Tongues
Live Confessions Tour-Madonna
Our Love To Admire-Interpol
Outside In-Sue Quigley
Chinese Democracy-Guns N Roses (ok so it's still not officially out, but stil one of my favorites of the year)
The Return Of Eve- Devil Doll
Live Radio 1 Sessions-Nelly Furtado
Last Sucker-Ministry
Necessary Evil-Deborah Harry
Fire-Izzy Stradlin
La Radiolina-Manu Chao

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas

T’WAS THE NIGHT BEFORE IMPEACHMENT BY Alien Jourgensen A Christmas Poem To The Piss Army T’was 2007 and all through the year Not a creature was buying this climate of fear The stockings were hung in a foreclosure scare In hopes that the Banks would forget we were there! The soldiers were nestled all snug in their beds While visions of extended tours messed with their heads And Dick and Lynn Cheney with shotguns in lap Had just pardoned Scooter for shutting his yap When down at the White House there arose such a clatter I sprang out the door to see what was the matter! Away to the protest I flew like a flash I marched for a while and got tazed in the clash Then soon I was arrested – for what I don’t know But the ACLU said that “This just won’t go!” When what to my wondering eyes should appear But a miniature Cheney and eight dead reindeer With his pacemaker pumping, so lively and quick I knew in a moment it must be St. Dick! Faster than subpoenas, his minions they came He waterboarded and tortured and called them by name: “Now Halliburton! Now Exxon! Now Conoco! Now Shell! On Blackwater! On Bechtel! – Let’s all go to Hell!” To the top of the West Wing, to the top of The Wall “Now stash away! Stash away! Stash way All!” As voters are wondering why their vote doesn’t fly Here comes Karl Rove and he’ll tell you why So up to the White House the CEOs flew With a sleighful of cash and Dick Cheney too! And then, in a twinkling I heard on the roof Was the hemming and hawing of the ultimate Goof (heh heh heh heh) I raised just one finger and jumped all around Coz there on the roof Ole “Dubya” came round He was dressed all in fur that Cheney had killed He looked rather dapper on the taxpayers’ bill A bundle of cash he had flung on his back Looked happy as Cheney right before an attack His eyes – how they twinkled, but his manners were weary Coz Alberto Gonzales has so much to bury! His droll little mouth was drawn up in a sneer Like all of those press conferences he holds so dear The stump of a crack pipe he held in his teeth He said: “Laura, I’m sorry! I’ve relapsed – I’m weak!” And his friend had a Wide Stance and a little round belly That shook when he laughed in a toilet so smelly Dim-witted and dumb a right jolly old elf And I laughed when I saw him, giving way my own stealth A wink of his eye and a snap of his finger Soon gave me to know I shouldn’t loiter or linger He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work Put the cash in his stockings, then turned with a jerk And laying his finger aside of his nose Thumbs up! And a nod for the coke that he chose He sprang to his sleigh, to his team gave a whistle “And away to Iran like a nuclear missile!” But I heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight: “Happy Christmas to no one – Impeachment’s not right!” MERRY CHRISTMAS PISSANTS! “DON’T TAZE ME, BRO!”

Friday, December 21, 2007

Lunchtime Listen

the late lunchtime/dinnertime Listen

Fuck You Tough Guy-TSOL Live Long Beach 06
Nur getraumt-Nena
Baby I Owe You Something Good-Funkadelic
Ganja Rock-KMFDM
Fleas Cock-Red Hot Chili Peppers
Nothing Really Matters-Madonna

Friday Jamz

The Christmas Mix 2007 as the snow melts soon to come the album list for 2007

Just One Kiss-the Cure

Fire-Izzy Stradlin

Crazy-Nelly Furtado Live Radio1 Lounge

Lawyers Guns & Money-Warren Zevon

The Last DJ-Tom Petty

Sexy-Devil Doll

Keep Talking-Pink Floyd Live@Earls Court 94


Blue Christmas-Chris Isaak

Once In A Blue Moon -Lovespirals

yo yo yo-Manu Chao Live Moscow 02

Friday, December 14, 2007

Lunchtime Listen

The Late Lunchtime Listen

Into The Moonlight-Electron Love Theory
Leg To Stand On-Onbekende
Universal Mind- the Doors
Wicked Game-Chris Isaak
Lets get Funky-Hot Pants Live 86 Chat Bleu Freance
Die For Me-TSOL
Interstellar Overdrive-Pink Floyd W Frank Zappa 69 Belgum

Friday Jamz

The fucking freezing my ass off Friday Jamz list and just 9 days for Christmas...unless you are Orthodox then you still have some time..... So let the fun begin..............

Man In Black-Devil Doll

What Is Love-Deborah Harry

jái vu ton nom-Marousse

Fire Fire-Manu Chao Live Bercy 2001

Outside In-Sue Quigley

Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing (radio remix)- Chris Isaak

Nobody Knows Me-Madonna

4:41 AM Sexual Revolution-Roger Waters Live Sweden 84

Do Ya Think I Am Sexy-Tom Jones


Process-Skinny Puppy

Friday, December 7, 2007

Lunchtime Listen

short on time so short list
Life Despite God-Courtney Love
Clandestino-El Gafia featuring Manu Chao

Friday Jamz

The"This Is Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas" Friday Mix, yes folks after years of "brown christmas-es" finally a true christmas as I remember as a child and my son is enjoying our snowball fights and snow angles and sledding weather so Hello December

Chinese Democracy-Guns N Roses

Eye On The Prize-Bruce Springsteen Seeger Sessions Live Chicago 06

Patches The Clown-Deadbold

Sous Le Ciel De Paris- Belinda Carlisle

Thunderball-Tom Jones

Shine On You Crazy Diamond-Roger Waters Live NY 07

The Deal-P

Your Truth-Sue Quigley

Say It Right-Nelly Furtado

Just Over That Girl-Los Carayos Live Lyon 86


And because it's Friday after a long 9 day work week well ten day looks like another saturday

My World Love-The Doors

Friday, November 30, 2007

Late Lunchtime Listen

The Late Lunchtime Listen-had to work a long day so no lunchtime listen so it's the evening listen tonight

All My Stripper Friends-Tila Tequila
All I Know-The Church Live Sydney 2005
Mulato Casado-Carla Hassett
When Good is One(Bad Theyre Ten)-Mano Negra
Erzulie-Sun God
Poco a Poco-Flutes & Strings of The Andies
The Slow Drug-PJ Harvey

Friday Jamz

The Friday get ready...will the snowstorm hit us or miss us this weekend mix, damn it's cold below zero and not even december yet

Poetas-Sargent Garcia

I Wanna Live-Ramones

Merry Blues 161 Dubwise Version-Manu Chao

Back Door Man-Riders On The Storm Live Roundhouse 2006

My Life-Dido

Mademoiselle Knobs-Pink Floyd

Macaco-La Raiz

Insurance From God-45 Grave

Demon Riddle-Terence McKenna

Swallow Me-Bigod 20

Sweet Little Sixteen-Chuck Berry

Friday, November 23, 2007

Lunchtime Listen

The Lunchtime listen (still full from breakfast with home-made pies from garden grown pumpkin and wild harvested blue-berries) time to battle the traffic and go for a walk aling the North Shore

Pivni-Katya Chilly
Lord's Prayer-Devil Doll
Tell Me Baby-Red Hot Chili Peppers
Endless-Dave Gahan
Traeme Paz Patricia Vonne
Heads or Tales-Devil Doll
The Fatal Impact-Dead Can Dance

Friday Jamz

The Day After Turkey Day Friday Jamz "Stay Away From The Stores and listen to music list" and eating leftovers for breakfast

Time to Go Home-Michael Franti
Herie-Darrin James Band
The Crab Song-Faith No More Live Hamburg 93
Dark Moon-Chris Isaak
Welcome In Occident-Mano Negra
Some River In Europe-Brian Setzer Orchestra
Lazy Love Days-Lovespirals
A Terrible Experience With Extremely Dangerous Drugs-Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas
Well Where Does It begin?-Sky Cries Mary
Can't Stop-Red Hot Chili Peppers Live London 06

Friday, November 16, 2007

Lunchtime Listen

The Lunchtime Listen

Thanksgiving prayer-William S Buroughs
Musik 4 Russia-Dj Darkside
When The Wick Burns Down-Shasta
Lost For Words-Pink Floyd
Burning Love-Elvis
Siente Mi Amor-Selma Hayak

Friday Jamz

Friday Jamz is dedicated to a special girl in Odessa

Angels And Sailors-Jim Morrison & The Doors
She's A Rainbow-The Rolling Stones
Down-Dave Gahan
Go Crazy For Me-Krisha
Party Down The Hall-The Stone Coyotes
Broken Hands-Mudhoney
If It Dosen't Kill You-Siouxsie
Mistakes-Bending Spoons
Witch Hunt-The Church
Siberia-Manu Chao
Piggy-NIN Live

Friday, November 9, 2007

Lunchtime Listen

Ok I was slackin today

Rehab Doll-GreenRiver
Mala Vida-Mano Negra
Put Your Lights On-Everlast
The Theater And It's Double-The Church
No Reason Why-Chelsey Austin
Paths Of Glory-Faith No More
Car Crash-TrickyBath House-Sky Cries Mary
How Many Days-Isa & The Filthy Tongues
So Like A Rose-Garbage
Graduation Day-Chris Isaak

and desert
Personal Jesus-Depeche Mode Live New York 2006
My Spider-Holly Wood
Solitary Man-Johnny Cash
Sweet Caress-Izzy Stradlin

Friday Jamz

The Lets Have a Glass of "Wine in a Box" and look at the first snow on the ground mix.

Take me With U-Prince
Sex-Tila Tequila
Nothing As It Seems-Pearl Jam
Hello I Love You-Roger Waters
Parachute-Nadine and Charlie
Twin Stars-The Church
Rainin In Paradize-Manu Chao
China White-Scorpions
Earthbound-Nufin Yin
Maggie MGil-The Doors
March Of The Pigs-NIN Live

Friday, November 2, 2007

Lunchtime Listen

Jezebel-Belinda Carlisle

My Michelle-Guns N Roses

Grind-The Church

The Yuppie Husband's Lament-Scott Albert JohnsonAdd Image

End Of The Road-Fear And Loathing

Friday Jamz Dia DeLos Muertos

Welcome to the Day of the Dead aka Al Soul's Day Celebration , are your candles burning? and pictures out?

Man Eater-Nelly Furtado

Robot Drone-Holly Wood

Round N Round-Chris Isaak

Boys In Love(Orestra Mix)-Nadine and Charlie

Jump In My Face- Hot Boogie Chillin'

Disconnect-Professional Murder Music


All Good Things Come To An End-Nelly Furtado (Ok my computer is stuck on Nelly today, and yeah she's hot


Chapter 24- Pink Floyd

Under The Milky Way(Acoustic Version)-The Church

Natural Blues-Molby

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Jamz

The Hallows Eve Jamz what a Wonderful Night, except...the wind died down for the night :(

Here is the Halloween Mix

Halloween Mix-Ministry

Sleeping In The Fire-WASP

Shadowtime-Siouxsie and the Banshees

Sounds of Laughter-TSOL

Everything is So Cold-Lycia

Anywhere Out Of The World-Dead Can Dance

Trouble With The Fix-Voodou

Scarecrow-meg Lee Chin

Friday, October 26, 2007

Ministry Mourns Loss of Bass Player Paul Vincent Raven

Paul Raven - Rest In Peace 1961 - 2007Saturday, October 20, 2007 - The 13th Planet family is saddened to confirm the devastating news of the sudden and unexpected death of Ministry's bassist, Paul Raven. Raven was working with French recording artists Treponem Pal on their new collaboration with Ted Parsons (ex-Prong/ex-Killing Joke/Jesu) and members of The Young Gods in a small village on the French/Swiss border. Initial reports indicate Raven's passing was the result of a heart attack. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Raven's family and friends around the world. His love of life, artistic creations and joyful laughter touched and moved all of us deeply. The loss of this extraordinary artist, unique individual and loyal friend will be felt by many. The impact of his talents will be remembered forever but his contribution to the lives of everyone who knew him is his greatest legacy.

As I sit here updating my playlist and reviewing music I decided to take a break and just relax and listen to some Ministry and pay tribute to a great musician, so Raven I raise my glass and salute you with " Frontera" Caremenere , I was truly looking forward to seeing you on the Last Ministry Tour in early 2008...................................The Splinkster Thanks You for your musical Bliss and happiness you have brought us

Lunchtime Listen

The ever so relaxing and always anticipated....Lunchtime Listen

TWAT-Guns N Roses
Heat Of The Jungle- Chris Isaak Live Chicago
Storm Monday Blues-Nightlosers
Rosa Maria- Hot Pants Live 86
Running In The Alleys-Mizna
Disappointment-The Church
Enjoy The Silence-Depeche Mode Live 2006 New York

The Last Friday of October 2007 Jamz

To say good bye to the beautiful month of October and soon another Halloween shall be gone.......So do yer tricks and maybe you will get a treat....

High Flying-Kito Peters
Only The Lonely-Roy Orbison
Suppose They Give A War and Nobody Shows Up-TSOL
Education-Isa & The Filthy Tongues
Kill The DJ-Peeping Tom
Love Street-The Doors
No Hay Igual-Nelly Furtado
Hey Asshole-1000 Homo DJ's
Your Truth-Sue Quigley
Panik Panik-Manu Chao
Can't Buy Me Love-The Beatles

Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Jams

This is the Friday Flood as waters subside, washing into the list this friday is.....

Into a Swan-Siouxsie
Big Balls In Nashville-Los Carayos Live 86
Sous Le Temps-Belinda Carlisle
Terrible People-TSOL
Friend of the Devil-Buck Satan & the 666 Shooters
Marijuana On Your Brain-Lords Of Acid
Silently Screaming-Edible Red
Here Comes The Rain-The Eurythmics
End Of Days Pt. 2-Ministry
Imagine-Madonna Live
Te Souviens Tu- Jane Birkin & Manu Chao

Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday Jamz

The freeze yer azz off, winter is here Friday Jamz Northern Minnesota Radio Clandestino play list, because after all ...?:We Cae A LOT"

We Care A Lot(the original version) -Faith No More

Sit Alone-Los Carayos

Enjoy The Silence-Dave Gahan Live Paris 2003

Black no1-Type O Negative

Zombie-The Cranberries

Silence Is Golden-Garbage

Pibini-Katya Chilly

Lost In Hollywood-System Of A Down

Rawhide-Strangers 1800

Roadhouse Blues-Ministry

Siberia-Manu Chao

Friday, October 5, 2007

Oh Lord Won't You Buy me A Mercedes Benz........

Oh God Of grind Oh God Of grind...How Large Your Armies How Small Their Minds.........(lyrics by Sky Cries Mary, Headline By Janis Joplin)
Once again an excellent example of using religion for one's own personal gain and sin while pulling the wool over the eyes of others (and yes pun intended)

Friday Jamz The Oktoberfest Celebration Begins

The Still Blooming Ecuadorian Wild Petunia Hello Oktoberfest Friday Jamz gives You.........So Drink Up and Play On.........................

1812 Overdrive"an adaption of Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture"-Brian Setzer Orchestra

Out Of The Blue-David Gilmour Live 2006

Sex-Tila Tequila

Island Of Wonder- Nelly Frutado

Stop This World-The Monkeywrench



Angel-Massive Attack

American Dream-Soul Agent

Revolution Calling-Queensryche (wake Up Motherfuckers)

Out Of Time Man"version2005"-Mano Negra

Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday Jamz The stay in bed mix

It is one of those Fridays I should have just stayed in bed or gone to work, a day off and already behind.... Here is the Friday Jamz

Me llamo Cheech El Chofer Del Autobus-Cheech
Malibu Run-The Krotjong Devils
Les Carayos -Los Carayos Live Apr.6th 86
Roas Maria-Hot Pants-The WW Studios Session 86
Fable( Dream Version)-Robert Miles
Let Me Let You Down-Mudhoney
The Man With The Golden Gun-Lulu
Love Street-The Doors
Goodnight Moon-Shivaree
Black Stream-Hector Zazu,Brenden Perry,Lissa Gerrard

Friday, September 21, 2007

The "Uncle Rob, I'ts a Potato" Friday Jamz

The Friday Jams Tribute to the One, The Original, the Only..."Uncle Rob"

A Night On The Town...Drug Frenzy At The Circus Circus-Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas
Bongo Bong-Manu Chao

Man and Machine-TSOL The New version
We Are All Made Of Stars-Molby
Lick Your Partner-Ron Geesin & Roger Waters
Rat Room-Tila Tequila
Pull My Strings-Dead Kennedy's
Da Ya Think I'm Sexy-Revolting Cocks
Parallel Universe-Red hot Chili Peppers
My World-Guns N Roses
Let There Be More Light-Pink Floyd

Friday, September 14, 2007

The Lunchtime Listen

The eating cold Red Barron Pizza, Concord Grapes and washing it down with St. Pellegrino Sparkling Mineral Water Lunchtime Listen
Isn't Life Strange-The Moody Blues
In Love With Madness-DGA
Don't Fear The Reaper-Lauren Fincham
I Looked At You-The Doors
Killin Rats-mano Negra Live Lyon 91
Der Afang-Nena

Friay Jamz

Goodbye Summer Hello Winter...What happened to Autumn? Friday Jamz
Haze-Skinny Puppy
Real Toggle Action-The Church
Biding My Time-Pink Floyd
Ring Of Fire-Eric Burdon & The Animals
Arnold Layne-David Gilmour & David Bowie Live London 2006
Corporate Slave-Snog
In A Manner Of SpeakingMartin L Gore
Surf Rider-The Lively Ones
Marijuana In Your Brain-Lords Of Acid
The Bleedin Clown-Manu Chao

Friday, September 7, 2007

Friday Jamz

For this Wonderful First Friday of September I give you the following......

Suspicious Minds-Elvis
Madagascar-Guns N Roses(The most expensive album Never Released)
Freedom Exists-Jim Morrison & The Doors
Mach doch-Nena
Que Humanidad-Eliades Ocho
I'm Tired-TSOL
The Great Satan(What Would Satan Do Mix)-Ministry
Egal wohin-Juli
I Love You -Tila Tequila
Love & Hate-Les Hurlements
La Radiolina-Manu Chao (The entire lp)

Friday, August 31, 2007

Somethings In The Air Friday JAMZ

The Firday Jamz for the last day of August 07

All The Drugs-Courtney Love
Tuff Check-Izzy Stradlin
We're All Gonna Die-Everlast
What A Girl-The Joykiller
Fighting Ring- Jag Star
Sex Noise-Maybe Jane
Iam...I Said-Neil Diamond
Night Shift-Siouxsie & The Banshees Live London 92
Maria Fala- Jose Maria & The Clinch Fado Band
El Kitapena-Manu Chao
Der Afang-Nena

Friday, August 24, 2007

The Friday Jamz

As summer fades and the Angel's and Devil's Trumpets are in full bloom (at least during the night) the yard is filled with the hypnotic aroma these deadly beauties spew so here is the Friday Jams for August 24th 2007

Disguise- Jag Star

Fuck Machine- The Holy Mountain Soundtrack

Machs Dochs-Nena

You Look SO Fine(Fun Lovin Criminals Mix)-Garbage

Emotional Rescue (Too Many Beats Mix) Freedom Dub

Lost In Hollywood-System Of A Down

Letter To The Censors-Mano Negra Live Lyon 91

Pretty Woman-Hot Pants Live Lyon 86


Volver Volver-Manu Chao Live Portland 2006

Territorial Pissings-Nirvana Live Rome 91

Saturday, August 18, 2007


That's right folks after 27 years and 11 albums Uncle Al is calling it quits and putting Ministry to Rest, he has decided to focus on other musical projects and endeavors (perhaps we shall finally get those Buck Satan Songs released) as well as work on production and engineering for other bands and artists as he expands his compound of 13th planet down in Hellpaso, TX But Al will release one final Ministry Album"Sucker" and do a tour in 2008 to say "goodbye" then as he states " I kinda like the synchronicity of Dubya and Ministry riding off into the sunset hand in hand" So preorder Sucker here before the release date and look out for the Goodbye tour in 2008 Perhaps Uncle Al can take Ole Prick Cheney out "Hunting" in the fall of 2008. RIP Ministry RIP............................

Monday, August 6, 2007

Manu Chao La Radiolina

In Less than a month Manu Will release his fifth album since the breakup of Mano Negra, La Radiolina will hit the stores on Sept. 4th currently one can download his ep Rainin in Paradize from itunes or you can hear some tracks on Radio Clandestino. As always this new album delivers melodies of bliss and yet rock yer ass of (of course a shot or three of Cachaca helps one get in the right grove). As like previous albums Chao takes the listener on a journey while speaking about the injustices and the damage caused by globalization and corrupt governments and the threat our planet and cultures. On a scale of 1-5 I give manu and company 6 shots

Previous albums

Clandestino 1998

Proxima Estacion .........Esperenza- 2001

Radio Remba Sound System-2002

Sibere M'etait Conte'ee - 2004

Friday, August 3, 2007

Friday Jamz

Los Carayos-Los Carayos
Why Don't You Love Me- The Church
Secret -Adrienne Hamilton
MamaCuchara- Manu Chao
Spring 202- Alena Vinnistkaya
Sleeping In The Fire-WASP
Obscured By Clouds-Pink Floyd Live Hollywood Fl 73
Nadine(It's You) -Chuck Berry
Territorial Pissings-Nirvana Live Rome 91
Summers Almost Gone-The Doors
Component-Krykhitka Tsakhes

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Roger Waters

OK Clandestino Fanz,& Non Fanz, sorry for such a long wait, I az tryin to upload my pic from the concert and hopefully soon I can but for the record te Splinkster and JACC had a fuckin excellent tyme @the show with the 'audios n visuals" ta guide us along the way and as always my man Roger and Company had their shit down and blew the audience away both acoustically and visually, and for the lame ass fucktard from some non named paper that revoked their publication from the idiots review whining about Roger playin the Dark side Of The Moon to sell is political views...HELLO BRAINDEAD??????WHERE The Fuck Did U Crawl Out Of?.....just goes to show the stupidity and igornance of corporate publications..........ok fucktards let me explain en engles comprence? YOU DONT HAVE A FUCKIN CLUE ......typical cittiot from the ts ....after all would anyone expext anything lezz? Well the "in tha zone" and Mr Waters thank YOU for the ride along in the Journey and thank YOU for a Life Dream Come True Experience , Waters and Company took the listners down memory lane . from the 60's to the present and I still remimber the "Impeach Bush" on the ass of the pig and commin from an VET who served his country I can say this rings SOOOOOOOOOOO True. The Leaving Beirut really hit home with the crowd especially with the Oh George that texas education.............well I'll end it here but if U want a live version of the words spoken click here for a Clandestino Exclusive, Yes Roger and the Bleeding Hearts Band (ok I know U don' t call yerselves that anymore) you came you conquered and kicked fuckin azz from a 38 YO fan who literally grew up on your words of wisdom and was a fan from 4th grade THANK YOU ROGER AND COMPANY and for instred parties stay tuned to Radio Clandestino and fuck bush fuck cheney fuck the mainstream think for your self think Radio Clandestino think Freedom

Friday, July 20, 2007

The Lunchtime Listen
Rumba De Barcelona-Manu Chao Live Paris 02
Fear Is Big Business Weapons Of Mass Deception Mix-Ministry
Your'e Still Beautiful-The Church
Rush-Depeche Mode
Night Of The Living Rednecks-Dead Kennedys
Stolen At Gunpoint-Tijuana No

Friday Jamz

Estranged-Guns N Roses Live Tokyo 92
Can't Hear Em-Izzy Stradlin
Who Needs Information-Roger Waters Live Seattle 87
Summer Nights-Tila Tequila
Who The Hell Is Mrs. Valdez? - Deadbolt
Kill The DJ-Peeping Tom
Gimmie Danger-Iggy Pop & Stooges Live in LA 73
Little Room-Norah Jones
Trapped By Love-Manu Chao

Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday Jamz
Marlboro Man-Talk Engine
Trance Mission-Izzy Stradlin
My Hand- Dido
Solitary Man -Neil Diamond
Woman Is A Devil-The Doors
Gde To-Nastasya
Candyman Collapse-Chris Connellly
Lonely Nights-Chris Isaak
Priest=Aura-The Church
Too Drunk To Fuck-Mano Negra& Jello Live Brasil

Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday JAMZ Welcome to Paradize

Friday Jamz The keep out of the heat set............

1983 A Merman I Should Turn To Be-Jimi Hendrix

Carribean Nights-David Crawford

4:41Am Sexual Revolution-Roger Waters Live Sweeden 84

Talkin Bout A Home-Chris Isaak

Failure33 Object-John Frusciante

Don't Even Trip-Peeping Tom

Contigo O Sin Ti-Belinda

Modern Day Cowboy-Tesla(dedicated to olmert,cheney/bush/putin,hezbolah,fatah,sunni,shiite,clinton,mckain)

I Love You - Tila Tequila

Rainin In Paradize-Manu Chao

Valiente-Soliana (Me Bebe )

Friday, June 8, 2007

Friday Jamz

Ah Yes Friday is here again and this week it's

Me Quedo Contigo-Manu Chao Live France

A Poem For Bzyantium-Delerium

Pintate Los Labios Maria-Eliades Ocho

Little Sunflower-The Catz In The Hatz

No Connection-Philomac

Si Manana Sera Como Hoy-Pepe Cavalera

Summer Nightfalls-Tila Tequila

Imagine-Madonna Live

You're Lost Little Girl-The Doors

Ya Zapru Dverb-Cveta

Big Balls In Nashville-Los Carayos Live Paris

And my Lunctime Listen is the MAS BONITA and wonderful new Amiga.... Rainin In Paradize my my Mann............

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Madonna is God complaining about my recent updated play list and that I included Madonna on my radio station, and to plagiarize and steal a line from Madonna " You can Just Fuck Off and suck george bushes dick!!!! to the crybaby whiner, Let's get something straight I started this station out of disgust of the commercial stations playin the same lame songs over and over, and to give established artists like Madonna a chance to have songs that normally would NOT make it on the commercial stations as well as independent artists get exposure that they deserve and like I told this asshole U don't like my playlist the start your OWN FUCKIN station Hey that's what I did and I feel the more the merrier after all this IS about Freedom Of Choice, and I also gave a very long lecture about just how influential Madonna HAS been on the music industry, how she is such an inspiration on Freedom and Freedom of Speech,(not to mention one of the most intellectual business people out there) here is a person who had a vision and made it reality, a sexy babe with brains and actually from the USA go figure.... guess thats why she now lives abroad....... ok enough bashing USA chicks for those who don't comprehend Radio Clandestino or Live 365 it's about Choice,freedom,inspiration, if you want comfort, stagnation, lame , or the"american way" then WE are NOT FOR U ! thats right the Splinkster IZ back after months of sleepin and we gonna kick yo azz
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Friday, June 1, 2007

It's Been 40 years Ago Today That Sgnt. Pepper Started To Play

Ah Yes a wee bit before my time but never the less a wonderful Album that I can say has played a role in my life and good fun times with the Cool Cat, Hell Child, Starns,Karuth,Douglas,Hoffler.

So with this wonderful Friday Jams to celebrate I dedicate this week countdown to Beatles Sgt. peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band

along with the following ....................

I Love you-Tila Tequila

Trippin-Michele Moreno

Real Thing-Faith No More

We Will Fall-Sky Cries Mary

Break On Through-The Doors

Echoes-Pink Floyd

As Heaven Is Wide-Garbage

Question-The Moody Blues

Three Days-Janes Addiction

Song In Space-The Church

This Is My World-Mano Negra

Friday, May 4, 2007

Friday JAMZ

The Friday Jamz
did you ever figure out how to use your search engine and type list

Malegria-Manu Chao
Sin Final-Paulina Rubio
Thirteenth Floor-Mudhoney
Three Kings-Carla Hassett
Are You Lonesome Tonight?-Elvis
Blues-Guns N Roses
Cveta- Mimo Proiti
Le temps qui pase-Zera Vaughan
Kill The DJ-Peeping Tom Feat. Massive Attack
Soul To Squeeze-Red Hot Chili Peppers Live Canvas Club 2006
Forbidden Love-Madonna
So What?-Ministry

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Save Internet Broadcasting

If you value Internet broadcasting of music and programs and do NOT want to see the Corporations and FM Stations shut down freedom of choice and eliminate access to independent and unsigned artists . The Click Here ! or your favorite non corporate/FM broadcast may be lost forever SAVE INTERNET RADIO

Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday Jamz

The Friday Jamz Mix for April 20th Waiting for Spring

Solitary Man-Johnny Cash

Besame Mucho-David Wilson

Gimmie Danger-IggyPop

The Lucy Joke-Deadbolt

Montserrat-Irina Biluk


What A Shame-Rolling Stones

The Only Way-Supersport

Get It Together-Beastie Boys

Minha Galera-Manu Chao

Prune Tang(Prune Juice Cocktail Mixxx)- Revolting Cocks

Friday, April 13, 2007

Freaky Friday Jamz

A Wonderful Friday The 13th Jamz Later I shall take out the black & Red Candles throw in some Goth & Industrial & Dark Wave Kick Back with some wine and wait for the Vampyres.
Head Like A Hole -NIN Live

Parallel UNiverse- Red Hot Chili Peppers Live Hyde Park

Lubov Vou Moya- Katya Chilly

Jump In My Face -Sunwheel

Cortez The Killer-Neil Young Live

Toggle Action_The Church

The Fall-Ministry Live London

Shake It-Elka

The Serpent's Army_Dead Can Dance Live 94 World Tour

Pancho & Lefty-Willie Nelson

Nas Ne Dagoniat-Tatu

Friday, March 30, 2007

From Odessa With Love Friday JAMZ

My From Osessa With Love Friday Jamz List
Wild Love-Chris Isaak
Epic-Faith No More
Drowsie Maggie-Los Carayos
Mr Bobby - Manu Chao Radio Bemba Acoustic Brasil
End To End-Blondie
A Feast Of Frinds-Jim Morrison & The Doors
A Pain That Im Used To-Depeche Mode Live Nissan Pavilion 2006
American Live-Madonna
Tebe Nema-Kata Chilly
Nobody Weird Like Me-Red hot Chili Peppers

Friday, March 16, 2007

Lunchtime Listen

Lunchtime Listen

The Blues-Guns N Roses The Chinese Demoracy Demos

IRS-Guns N Roses The Chinese Demoracy Demos

Too Much Inc. -The PolyestersForever

-Siouxsie & The Banshees

There Was A Time(TWAT)-Guns N Roses The Chinese Demoracy Demos

My Small Victory Friday Jamz List

Actually a big Victory yesterday in Divorce Court

so here's my Jamz

Road Trippin-Red Hot Chili Peppers

George Orwell Where Are You?-Ling

Cry All You Want-Diverter

Slow Silent-A Pacific Model

Alive-Pearl Jam

Mountain Song-Dave DarK & The Sharks

Quiero-Alejandra Alberti

Jump In My Face- Sunwheel Psychedelic

The Bottom-Supersport

Me Gustas Tu-Manu Chao Live Mexico City 2006A

Small Victory-Faith No More

Friday, March 9, 2007

Friday Jamz

Oh Yeah I'm Hip, I'm Cool

This is the wake up at 4:30 can't sleep because of comming down with a cold Jamz List

Throw Away Your Television-Red Hot Chili Peppers
Dance With Me-Aqua Venus
My Enemy-Talk Engine
Fly Me Away-Goldfrapp
Asshole-1000 Homo DJ'S
Mala Vida- Mano Negra Live Rome
Roads To Madness-Queensryche
Pole Grinder(It Hurt's When I Piss Mix)-Revolting Cocks
Waiting For The Rain To Fall- Chris Isaak
Music Take Control- Naked Face

Friday, February 23, 2007


after spending the past two hours reviewing new music there were a few interesting selections but the chart topper for me goes to maybejane, no not for the faint hearted, or the church potluck crowed, this all girl band takes one on an erotic journey where most fear to go, except in their fantasies. so to these hot sexy gals you get 6 vodka martini shots.

Friday Jamz

This deep fried oyster mix dipped in fresh Ivars Clam Chowder, washed down with a Redhook Jams session comprises of

Jet City Woman-Queensryche
Nothing Really- Kinky
Bold As Love-Jimi Hendrix
Searchin-Green River
Are You Horney Yet?-Bigod 20
So Pure-Alanis Morissette
Penumbra-Raison D'Etre
Woe Is Me- Laura Love
Feed Our Fame-Kmfdm
Don't Want You No More-Mano Negra Live Rome

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Tear Down The Wall

As I was going over e mails etc. I received this news link and being a Floyd/Waters Freak Fan I checked it out and found quite an interesting interview hope you enjoy
and looking for some hot Latin Jamz check out Radio Chango, especially for those are devotee's of Manu Chao.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday Jamz

This Friday's Jamz
Easy Ride-Madonna
Download-Skinny Puppy
No Future-Die Form
Ring Of Fire- Blondie Live
Minor Thing-Red Hot Chili Peppers
Mala Vida-Manu Chao &Radio Bemba Live Colifata 2006
Love And A 45- Hot Boogie Chillun
When Worlds Collide-Haslinger
Gone Ridin- Chris Isaak
A Pillow Of Winds- Pink Floyd

And my Lunchtime Listen Out Of Time Man-Mano Negra 2005 version since I woke up late and was a 1/2 hour late for work, so my whole day was thrown off and as I write this my evening seems to be loosing time as well perhaps in sleep I shall " catch up"

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Radio Clandestino

In order to separate my rants and random thoughts from music I decided I should create a home just for music and for Radio Clandestino. With all the music activity taking place this year and it is only Feburary, The Church released another limited acoustic dis, doing some tour show and playing around with some "new songs" GNR getting ready to finally release the most expensive record Never Released, Deadbolt heading into the studios, rumor has it my man Manu is also laying down some tracks besides continuing to his production skills for other musical artists, REVCO releasing a remix of Cocked & Loaded . And IS IT TRUE???Chris Isaak and Silvertone have a "surprise" for us this year? Ah Yes nothing better than some good music, strong women, and fast beer, or is it fast women and strong beer, and music good?