Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday Jamz

Well it is almost the 4 of July and it's time to parts especially since We should really be celebrating the 2nd of JUly instead of the 4th as this is the date the 13 colonies voted on wehter to start a new country and break away from England but was ratified on the 4th, 12 voted in favor and the fucking asswipes from NY abstained fuckin unpatriotic wimps anyhow lets kick off the JAMZ

Make It Now -Mudhoney(best fuckin Grunge Band from Seattle)

Clean-Depeche Mode

Star Spangled Banner-Jimi Hendrix Experience(I know it should be # 1 but it is random)

Look But Don't Touch-Men Who Listen

Abolish Government/Silent Majority-TSOL

Leaving Beirut-Roger Waters Live NYC

Swalloing You(Xmas Version)-Meg Lee Chin

Gila Copter-Revolting Cocks Featuring Timothy Leary
Under The Milky Way-The Church
Leave It All Behind-Underwhelmed
All The Drugs-Courtney Love(need I say More?)