Thursday, December 27, 2007

Friday Jamz

The Last Friday Jamz of 2007 is upon us and this week I bring you not only the usual countdown but also the top albums of 2007 that made my list.......................

Drugs In My Pocket-The Monks
Fall Down Katya lel
16 Days-Devil Doll
Box-Izzy Stradlin
Crack Hitler-Faith No More Live Hamburg 93
Sibere fleuve amour-Manu Chao
Heart Full Of Soul-Chris Isaak Live Berkeley 99
LA Medley-Janes Addiction
Wanna Need to Love Ya-The Billy Martini Show
I Need You-Dave Gahan Live Paris 03
Diamonds Are Forever-Shirley Bassey

Good Bye-Katya Lel
Mythmaker-Skinny Puppy
Magic-Bruce Springsteen
Dreams Of Glory-Stone Coyotes
Voila-Belinda Carlisle
Roger Waters Live NY 5/30/2007
Addiction- Isa & The Filthy Tongues
Live Confessions Tour-Madonna
Our Love To Admire-Interpol
Outside In-Sue Quigley
Chinese Democracy-Guns N Roses (ok so it's still not officially out, but stil one of my favorites of the year)
The Return Of Eve- Devil Doll
Live Radio 1 Sessions-Nelly Furtado
Last Sucker-Ministry
Necessary Evil-Deborah Harry
Fire-Izzy Stradlin
La Radiolina-Manu Chao

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas

T’WAS THE NIGHT BEFORE IMPEACHMENT BY Alien Jourgensen A Christmas Poem To The Piss Army T’was 2007 and all through the year Not a creature was buying this climate of fear The stockings were hung in a foreclosure scare In hopes that the Banks would forget we were there! The soldiers were nestled all snug in their beds While visions of extended tours messed with their heads And Dick and Lynn Cheney with shotguns in lap Had just pardoned Scooter for shutting his yap When down at the White House there arose such a clatter I sprang out the door to see what was the matter! Away to the protest I flew like a flash I marched for a while and got tazed in the clash Then soon I was arrested – for what I don’t know But the ACLU said that “This just won’t go!” When what to my wondering eyes should appear But a miniature Cheney and eight dead reindeer With his pacemaker pumping, so lively and quick I knew in a moment it must be St. Dick! Faster than subpoenas, his minions they came He waterboarded and tortured and called them by name: “Now Halliburton! Now Exxon! Now Conoco! Now Shell! On Blackwater! On Bechtel! – Let’s all go to Hell!” To the top of the West Wing, to the top of The Wall “Now stash away! Stash away! Stash way All!” As voters are wondering why their vote doesn’t fly Here comes Karl Rove and he’ll tell you why So up to the White House the CEOs flew With a sleighful of cash and Dick Cheney too! And then, in a twinkling I heard on the roof Was the hemming and hawing of the ultimate Goof (heh heh heh heh) I raised just one finger and jumped all around Coz there on the roof Ole “Dubya” came round He was dressed all in fur that Cheney had killed He looked rather dapper on the taxpayers’ bill A bundle of cash he had flung on his back Looked happy as Cheney right before an attack His eyes – how they twinkled, but his manners were weary Coz Alberto Gonzales has so much to bury! His droll little mouth was drawn up in a sneer Like all of those press conferences he holds so dear The stump of a crack pipe he held in his teeth He said: “Laura, I’m sorry! I’ve relapsed – I’m weak!” And his friend had a Wide Stance and a little round belly That shook when he laughed in a toilet so smelly Dim-witted and dumb a right jolly old elf And I laughed when I saw him, giving way my own stealth A wink of his eye and a snap of his finger Soon gave me to know I shouldn’t loiter or linger He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work Put the cash in his stockings, then turned with a jerk And laying his finger aside of his nose Thumbs up! And a nod for the coke that he chose He sprang to his sleigh, to his team gave a whistle “And away to Iran like a nuclear missile!” But I heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight: “Happy Christmas to no one – Impeachment’s not right!” MERRY CHRISTMAS PISSANTS! “DON’T TAZE ME, BRO!”

Friday, December 21, 2007

Lunchtime Listen

the late lunchtime/dinnertime Listen

Fuck You Tough Guy-TSOL Live Long Beach 06
Nur getraumt-Nena
Baby I Owe You Something Good-Funkadelic
Ganja Rock-KMFDM
Fleas Cock-Red Hot Chili Peppers
Nothing Really Matters-Madonna

Friday Jamz

The Christmas Mix 2007 as the snow melts soon to come the album list for 2007

Just One Kiss-the Cure

Fire-Izzy Stradlin

Crazy-Nelly Furtado Live Radio1 Lounge

Lawyers Guns & Money-Warren Zevon

The Last DJ-Tom Petty

Sexy-Devil Doll

Keep Talking-Pink Floyd Live@Earls Court 94


Blue Christmas-Chris Isaak

Once In A Blue Moon -Lovespirals

yo yo yo-Manu Chao Live Moscow 02

Friday, December 14, 2007

Lunchtime Listen

The Late Lunchtime Listen

Into The Moonlight-Electron Love Theory
Leg To Stand On-Onbekende
Universal Mind- the Doors
Wicked Game-Chris Isaak
Lets get Funky-Hot Pants Live 86 Chat Bleu Freance
Die For Me-TSOL
Interstellar Overdrive-Pink Floyd W Frank Zappa 69 Belgum

Friday Jamz

The fucking freezing my ass off Friday Jamz list and just 9 days for Christmas...unless you are Orthodox then you still have some time..... So let the fun begin..............

Man In Black-Devil Doll

What Is Love-Deborah Harry

jái vu ton nom-Marousse

Fire Fire-Manu Chao Live Bercy 2001

Outside In-Sue Quigley

Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing (radio remix)- Chris Isaak

Nobody Knows Me-Madonna

4:41 AM Sexual Revolution-Roger Waters Live Sweden 84

Do Ya Think I Am Sexy-Tom Jones


Process-Skinny Puppy

Friday, December 7, 2007

Lunchtime Listen

short on time so short list
Life Despite God-Courtney Love
Clandestino-El Gafia featuring Manu Chao

Friday Jamz

The"This Is Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas" Friday Mix, yes folks after years of "brown christmas-es" finally a true christmas as I remember as a child and my son is enjoying our snowball fights and snow angles and sledding weather so Hello December

Chinese Democracy-Guns N Roses

Eye On The Prize-Bruce Springsteen Seeger Sessions Live Chicago 06

Patches The Clown-Deadbold

Sous Le Ciel De Paris- Belinda Carlisle

Thunderball-Tom Jones

Shine On You Crazy Diamond-Roger Waters Live NY 07

The Deal-P

Your Truth-Sue Quigley

Say It Right-Nelly Furtado

Just Over That Girl-Los Carayos Live Lyon 86


And because it's Friday after a long 9 day work week well ten day looks like another saturday

My World Love-The Doors