Friday, November 30, 2007

Late Lunchtime Listen

The Late Lunchtime Listen-had to work a long day so no lunchtime listen so it's the evening listen tonight

All My Stripper Friends-Tila Tequila
All I Know-The Church Live Sydney 2005
Mulato Casado-Carla Hassett
When Good is One(Bad Theyre Ten)-Mano Negra
Erzulie-Sun God
Poco a Poco-Flutes & Strings of The Andies
The Slow Drug-PJ Harvey

Friday Jamz

The Friday get ready...will the snowstorm hit us or miss us this weekend mix, damn it's cold below zero and not even december yet

Poetas-Sargent Garcia

I Wanna Live-Ramones

Merry Blues 161 Dubwise Version-Manu Chao

Back Door Man-Riders On The Storm Live Roundhouse 2006

My Life-Dido

Mademoiselle Knobs-Pink Floyd

Macaco-La Raiz

Insurance From God-45 Grave

Demon Riddle-Terence McKenna

Swallow Me-Bigod 20

Sweet Little Sixteen-Chuck Berry

Friday, November 23, 2007

Lunchtime Listen

The Lunchtime listen (still full from breakfast with home-made pies from garden grown pumpkin and wild harvested blue-berries) time to battle the traffic and go for a walk aling the North Shore

Pivni-Katya Chilly
Lord's Prayer-Devil Doll
Tell Me Baby-Red Hot Chili Peppers
Endless-Dave Gahan
Traeme Paz Patricia Vonne
Heads or Tales-Devil Doll
The Fatal Impact-Dead Can Dance

Friday Jamz

The Day After Turkey Day Friday Jamz "Stay Away From The Stores and listen to music list" and eating leftovers for breakfast

Time to Go Home-Michael Franti
Herie-Darrin James Band
The Crab Song-Faith No More Live Hamburg 93
Dark Moon-Chris Isaak
Welcome In Occident-Mano Negra
Some River In Europe-Brian Setzer Orchestra
Lazy Love Days-Lovespirals
A Terrible Experience With Extremely Dangerous Drugs-Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas
Well Where Does It begin?-Sky Cries Mary
Can't Stop-Red Hot Chili Peppers Live London 06

Friday, November 16, 2007

Lunchtime Listen

The Lunchtime Listen

Thanksgiving prayer-William S Buroughs
Musik 4 Russia-Dj Darkside
When The Wick Burns Down-Shasta
Lost For Words-Pink Floyd
Burning Love-Elvis
Siente Mi Amor-Selma Hayak

Friday Jamz

Friday Jamz is dedicated to a special girl in Odessa

Angels And Sailors-Jim Morrison & The Doors
She's A Rainbow-The Rolling Stones
Down-Dave Gahan
Go Crazy For Me-Krisha
Party Down The Hall-The Stone Coyotes
Broken Hands-Mudhoney
If It Dosen't Kill You-Siouxsie
Mistakes-Bending Spoons
Witch Hunt-The Church
Siberia-Manu Chao
Piggy-NIN Live

Friday, November 9, 2007

Lunchtime Listen

Ok I was slackin today

Rehab Doll-GreenRiver
Mala Vida-Mano Negra
Put Your Lights On-Everlast
The Theater And It's Double-The Church
No Reason Why-Chelsey Austin
Paths Of Glory-Faith No More
Car Crash-TrickyBath House-Sky Cries Mary
How Many Days-Isa & The Filthy Tongues
So Like A Rose-Garbage
Graduation Day-Chris Isaak

and desert
Personal Jesus-Depeche Mode Live New York 2006
My Spider-Holly Wood
Solitary Man-Johnny Cash
Sweet Caress-Izzy Stradlin

Friday Jamz

The Lets Have a Glass of "Wine in a Box" and look at the first snow on the ground mix.

Take me With U-Prince
Sex-Tila Tequila
Nothing As It Seems-Pearl Jam
Hello I Love You-Roger Waters
Parachute-Nadine and Charlie
Twin Stars-The Church
Rainin In Paradize-Manu Chao
China White-Scorpions
Earthbound-Nufin Yin
Maggie MGil-The Doors
March Of The Pigs-NIN Live

Friday, November 2, 2007

Lunchtime Listen

Jezebel-Belinda Carlisle

My Michelle-Guns N Roses

Grind-The Church

The Yuppie Husband's Lament-Scott Albert JohnsonAdd Image

End Of The Road-Fear And Loathing

Friday Jamz Dia DeLos Muertos

Welcome to the Day of the Dead aka Al Soul's Day Celebration , are your candles burning? and pictures out?

Man Eater-Nelly Furtado

Robot Drone-Holly Wood

Round N Round-Chris Isaak

Boys In Love(Orestra Mix)-Nadine and Charlie

Jump In My Face- Hot Boogie Chillin'

Disconnect-Professional Murder Music


All Good Things Come To An End-Nelly Furtado (Ok my computer is stuck on Nelly today, and yeah she's hot


Chapter 24- Pink Floyd

Under The Milky Way(Acoustic Version)-The Church

Natural Blues-Molby