Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday Jamz

Another Turkeytime event over, stores of rude,pushy people, one day closer to the end of the year, and being the last Friday of the month, ....."Let's Party.".........

Strong-Deep 6 Holiday
Blue Monday-Orgy
The American Bomber-Roger Waters
One Hot Minute-Red Hot Chili Peppers
Forget To Remember-Second Dan
Bees,Steers, and Queers(Drop Yer Britches mix)-Revolting Cocks

39 Морей-Алена Винницкая
Everything Counts-Depeche Mode
From Russia With Love-James Bond Soundtrack(Matt Morno)
Clandestino-Manu Chao

Monday, November 24, 2008

Chinese Democracy or Cash In Now!?

Well it's been 15 years in the making and this past Sunday Axl and Bestbuy ? released the Chinese Democracy album to the General Public, of course over the years various incarnations of this project have crept out including back in 2007 for a very short time on commercial radio before being yanked from being released, although yours truly has been playing various tacks from this album from almost inception of Radio Clandestino hitting the airwaves. So the question is WHY NOW? is it YOU are getting hard up for money? and feel the time to cash in is NOW before the entire economy hits the shit fan? is this your attempt to "stimulate the economy" and bring hope to the millions upon millions of fans worldwide? is this due to the election of Barak Obama? (But for your info, if THIS WAS the case Axl you should have picked another sourse for a Sunday release, because as the record shows Bestbuy WAS one of the TOP fiancial supporters of the GOP convention this past summe, NOT a group or business one would associate with Democracy most would argue)or was it the fact that TOO many copies were being leaked to the masses and it was either release now while you still have some control? as for the "official release" I am very glad it was better late than never and now the millions of fans can personally posess and listen to what just a few of us had the sweet pleasures of enduring. As for real Chinese Democracy? well it looks the only way the Chinese Fans will get a taste is from the bootlegs on the streets(As if THEY wern't already out there) Well I guess I lost the bet, what would come first, release of this album, Serious Solutions to Global Warming or Real Chinese Democracy, Yeah once again Axl you come out on top.

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat Friday Jamz Countdown

Another Friday is upon us and another day closer to 2009 so lets celebrate what's left of 2008 on this fine crisp evening of November 21st and possibly the first night/day of below zero weather for the 2008/2009 winter season.

Where Have You Gone?-Lynn Stokes and the Sol Surfers

The Model-Isa & The Filthy Tongues

Someone-So Shush

The Monkey-Manu Chao Live in Portland 07

Around The World-Kalliopi

Been Down So Long-The Doors

Double Standards-Pati Rothberg

Forget To Remember-Second Dan

American Life-Madonna Live

Vow-Leslie Vaught

Fallen Angel-Traci Lords

Right On Time-Red Hot Chili Peppers

Friday, November 14, 2008

Super Slackin Friday Jamz List

Well it has been a very hetic past two weeks and now it's time to Jamz Out
Solitary Man-Neil Diamond
Cologne Carrone Houdini-Goldfrapp
Three Days-Janes Addiction
Clandestino (acoustic Mix)- Manu Chao Live Bercy France 2001
4:50 A.M.(Go Fishing)-Roger Waters
The Model-Isa & The Filthy Tongues
Black Cat-Ladytron
We Float-PJ Harvey
Fear Is Big Business(Weapons Of Mass Deception Mix)- Ministry