Saturday, September 6, 2008

Friday Jamz ....Sick Of Sarah

Well this Friday Jamz list is getting posted late as I spent yesterday evening hanging out at Pizza Luche with the band Sick Of Sarah and YESS these gals can rock and.....well lets just say party "good wholesome clean family fun" so I'll start this first Friday of September Jamz with

Mr.Incredible -Sick of Sarah Live Pizz Luche Version
Topas-Strata & Sirana
Yet Another Movie-Pink Floyd
Dog Stars-Kaiser Cartel
Kill The Dj-Peeping Tom
La Trampa-Tonio Carotone & Manu Chao
Smaller God-Darling Violetta
Be Like Water-Sarah Fimm
Miles Away-Madonna
Chocolate and Wine- Nikki Shannon