Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday Jamz The stay in bed mix

It is one of those Fridays I should have just stayed in bed or gone to work, a day off and already behind.... Here is the Friday Jamz

Me llamo Cheech El Chofer Del Autobus-Cheech
Malibu Run-The Krotjong Devils
Les Carayos -Los Carayos Live Apr.6th 86
Roas Maria-Hot Pants-The WW Studios Session 86
Fable( Dream Version)-Robert Miles
Let Me Let You Down-Mudhoney
The Man With The Golden Gun-Lulu
Love Street-The Doors
Goodnight Moon-Shivaree
Black Stream-Hector Zazu,Brenden Perry,Lissa Gerrard

Friday, September 21, 2007

The "Uncle Rob, I'ts a Potato" Friday Jamz

The Friday Jams Tribute to the One, The Original, the Only..."Uncle Rob"

A Night On The Town...Drug Frenzy At The Circus Circus-Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas
Bongo Bong-Manu Chao

Man and Machine-TSOL The New version
We Are All Made Of Stars-Molby
Lick Your Partner-Ron Geesin & Roger Waters
Rat Room-Tila Tequila
Pull My Strings-Dead Kennedy's
Da Ya Think I'm Sexy-Revolting Cocks
Parallel Universe-Red hot Chili Peppers
My World-Guns N Roses
Let There Be More Light-Pink Floyd

Friday, September 14, 2007

The Lunchtime Listen

The eating cold Red Barron Pizza, Concord Grapes and washing it down with St. Pellegrino Sparkling Mineral Water Lunchtime Listen
Isn't Life Strange-The Moody Blues
In Love With Madness-DGA
Don't Fear The Reaper-Lauren Fincham
I Looked At You-The Doors
Killin Rats-mano Negra Live Lyon 91
Der Afang-Nena

Friay Jamz

Goodbye Summer Hello Winter...What happened to Autumn? Friday Jamz
Haze-Skinny Puppy
Real Toggle Action-The Church
Biding My Time-Pink Floyd
Ring Of Fire-Eric Burdon & The Animals
Arnold Layne-David Gilmour & David Bowie Live London 2006
Corporate Slave-Snog
In A Manner Of SpeakingMartin L Gore
Surf Rider-The Lively Ones
Marijuana In Your Brain-Lords Of Acid
The Bleedin Clown-Manu Chao

Friday, September 7, 2007

Friday Jamz

For this Wonderful First Friday of September I give you the following......

Suspicious Minds-Elvis
Madagascar-Guns N Roses(The most expensive album Never Released)
Freedom Exists-Jim Morrison & The Doors
Mach doch-Nena
Que Humanidad-Eliades Ocho
I'm Tired-TSOL
The Great Satan(What Would Satan Do Mix)-Ministry
Egal wohin-Juli
I Love You -Tila Tequila
Love & Hate-Les Hurlements
La Radiolina-Manu Chao (The entire lp)