Friday, January 30, 2009

Only In America

This Last Friday of January 2009 is Dedicated to The Rodster......The Man who stated,"this is how politicians get things done"..... Yes Indeed perhaps the most"honest comment " by a politician and by himself.... Yes Dude U Rock Fucker

Gimmie Shelter-Iggy Pop Live NYC 86
Then I Close My Eyes- David Gilmour Live Gdansk
Para Continuar- Sara Valenzuela
Compassion-Atris Live
King For A Day-Faith No More
Nightmares- The Lost Satelites
The Future-Michael Franti
Lawyers Guns & Money- Warren Zevon
Jack In The Crack(Cracktail Mix)- Revolting Cocks
Go Walkin Down There-Chris Isaak Live Australia 2008
Clandestino-Manu Chao Live Buenos Aries Live 2006
Wait For Me-TSOL

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