Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Jamz

This morning ia a wonderful and very warm morning...I think it may be thw warmest we have had yet this summer and is a nice break from the old 40's and 50's we have been getting. So lets get the jamz started and enjoy before the rains pour down....... Acutally No Rain but scorching heat and humidity and a big congradulations to JACC and Wifey to their new Daughter...welcome to parentland... and I'm still gonna raid your garden fucker....

Pie-Lucid Dementia
Everything Is Good-Second Dan
A Thousand kisses-FumoSonic
Another Girl Another Time-Natalie Jansesn
Welcome To The Jungle-Guns N Roses
You Dont Care-V Project
I'm Tired-TSOL Live 91
El Mariachi-Roberto Rodriguez
Mr.Bobby-Manu Chao
All You Need Is Love-Beatles..Dedicated to JACC, Wifey, and Baby
can't let this one pass
track 69 (last Sucker bye Bye) -Ministry

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