Saturday, May 31, 2008

Friday Jamz

Ok I am a little late posting as I sliced my finger yesterday while grafting some cacti, probably should have received some stiches but just bandaged and taped and let me tell you about the pain and throbbing all night....other activities included weeding flower bed and finding 8 little rabbits in a burried nest pictures to come soon so this music jamz goes to pain,gardening and 39

TWAT(THere Was A Time)- Guns N Roses
ARI-Black Fortress Of Opium
Carreterro(version Portuguese/Brasilianne)-Manu Chao Live France sept 29 07
Nothing As It Seems-Pearl Jam
What The Hell Were You Thinking-Neal Fox
Great Balls Of Fire-Joint De Culasse
Time-Pink Floyd
Pas Assez De Toi-Mano Negra Live
Mother Goose-CeJay
Left-Devil Doll
Say Goodbye-Carla Lynne Hall
How High-Madonna
Gustas Tu Remix-Manu Chao

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