Thursday, February 14, 2008

Friday Jamz

The United We Stand The Divided We Fall Mix ...Ok folks our country is at a turning point ...we can continue down the path of decline and destruction or ...a new path to bring us back to the a future of hope peace and prosperity.... and so this friday Jamz is dedicated to "the Hope"

корабли-юла савичева

The Wet Look-Henry Mancini

Toke About It-Tesla

Alcohaulin Ass-Hellyeah

O Kazakhastan-Erran Baron Cohen

Walking In My Shoes(Seven Inch Mix-Depeche Mode

Strawberry Fields-Beatles (Obama dedication to clinton)


Swandive-This Accension

Nieva Nieva remix-Paulina

San Tropez-Pink Floyd (Damn I wish I were there now with -23f)

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