Saturday, August 18, 2007


That's right folks after 27 years and 11 albums Uncle Al is calling it quits and putting Ministry to Rest, he has decided to focus on other musical projects and endeavors (perhaps we shall finally get those Buck Satan Songs released) as well as work on production and engineering for other bands and artists as he expands his compound of 13th planet down in Hellpaso, TX But Al will release one final Ministry Album"Sucker" and do a tour in 2008 to say "goodbye" then as he states " I kinda like the synchronicity of Dubya and Ministry riding off into the sunset hand in hand" So preorder Sucker here before the release date and look out for the Goodbye tour in 2008 Perhaps Uncle Al can take Ole Prick Cheney out "Hunting" in the fall of 2008. RIP Ministry RIP............................

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