Thursday, July 26, 2007

Roger Waters

OK Clandestino Fanz,& Non Fanz, sorry for such a long wait, I az tryin to upload my pic from the concert and hopefully soon I can but for the record te Splinkster and JACC had a fuckin excellent tyme @the show with the 'audios n visuals" ta guide us along the way and as always my man Roger and Company had their shit down and blew the audience away both acoustically and visually, and for the lame ass fucktard from some non named paper that revoked their publication from the idiots review whining about Roger playin the Dark side Of The Moon to sell is political views...HELLO BRAINDEAD??????WHERE The Fuck Did U Crawl Out Of?.....just goes to show the stupidity and igornance of corporate publications..........ok fucktards let me explain en engles comprence? YOU DONT HAVE A FUCKIN CLUE ......typical cittiot from the ts ....after all would anyone expext anything lezz? Well the "in tha zone" and Mr Waters thank YOU for the ride along in the Journey and thank YOU for a Life Dream Come True Experience , Waters and Company took the listners down memory lane . from the 60's to the present and I still remimber the "Impeach Bush" on the ass of the pig and commin from an VET who served his country I can say this rings SOOOOOOOOOOO True. The Leaving Beirut really hit home with the crowd especially with the Oh George that texas education.............well I'll end it here but if U want a live version of the words spoken click here for a Clandestino Exclusive, Yes Roger and the Bleeding Hearts Band (ok I know U don' t call yerselves that anymore) you came you conquered and kicked fuckin azz from a 38 YO fan who literally grew up on your words of wisdom and was a fan from 4th grade THANK YOU ROGER AND COMPANY and for instred parties stay tuned to Radio Clandestino and fuck bush fuck cheney fuck the mainstream think for your self think Radio Clandestino think Freedom

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