Sunday, June 3, 2007

Madonna is God complaining about my recent updated play list and that I included Madonna on my radio station, and to plagiarize and steal a line from Madonna " You can Just Fuck Off and suck george bushes dick!!!! to the crybaby whiner, Let's get something straight I started this station out of disgust of the commercial stations playin the same lame songs over and over, and to give established artists like Madonna a chance to have songs that normally would NOT make it on the commercial stations as well as independent artists get exposure that they deserve and like I told this asshole U don't like my playlist the start your OWN FUCKIN station Hey that's what I did and I feel the more the merrier after all this IS about Freedom Of Choice, and I also gave a very long lecture about just how influential Madonna HAS been on the music industry, how she is such an inspiration on Freedom and Freedom of Speech,(not to mention one of the most intellectual business people out there) here is a person who had a vision and made it reality, a sexy babe with brains and actually from the USA go figure.... guess thats why she now lives abroad....... ok enough bashing USA chicks for those who don't comprehend Radio Clandestino or Live 365 it's about Choice,freedom,inspiration, if you want comfort, stagnation, lame , or the"american way" then WE are NOT FOR U ! thats right the Splinkster IZ back after months of sleepin and we gonna kick yo azz
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