Thursday, February 15, 2007

Radio Clandestino

In order to separate my rants and random thoughts from music I decided I should create a home just for music and for Radio Clandestino. With all the music activity taking place this year and it is only Feburary, The Church released another limited acoustic dis, doing some tour show and playing around with some "new songs" GNR getting ready to finally release the most expensive record Never Released, Deadbolt heading into the studios, rumor has it my man Manu is also laying down some tracks besides continuing to his production skills for other musical artists, REVCO releasing a remix of Cocked & Loaded . And IS IT TRUE???Chris Isaak and Silvertone have a "surprise" for us this year? Ah Yes nothing better than some good music, strong women, and fast beer, or is it fast women and strong beer, and music good?

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